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Financial Solutions

Venamax Capital Limited is partnered with several financial institutions around the world to offer services that include international trade finance etc.  

We offers trade finance advisory and project services that approach today's challenges and opportunities from a strategic perspective, and delivers unique solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and competitive.  

We employ an expert team of specialists who aim to meet all your desired requirements, by both reducing your direct and indirect purchasing expenses, as well as improving cost effectiveness and time efficiency for all your transactions.  

Anyone can pay a fee to use our services, which do not affect your credit rating or standing with your bank or lender.  

Through our partners we can offer to our foreign importers a number of bespoke financial instruments including:

♦ Letter of Credit (LC)

♦ Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

♦ Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

♦ Letter of Guarantee (LG)

♦ Proof of Funds (POF)

♦ Proof of Assets (POA)  

Benefits of using these financial instruments above:  

♦ Highly flexible financing options;

♦ An independent financing source empowering borrowers to negotiate better terms with suppliers;

♦ Tailor made funding to meet specific business needs;

♦ Credit lines are subject to due diligence and status.  

For further information or to discuss your requirements, contact with us.  


We continually search for new development opportunities and have the flexibility to offer a wide range of finance solutions. We view our personalized solutions and one-to-one dialogue with clients as key success factors thereby allowing us to effectively help you towards achieving your business goals and objectives.